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"Nothing Good Comes From Force"

If you've been hanging out with me long enough, you know this is my constant saying.

If you feel like you're having to 'force' someone or something, chances are 'it' or 'they' aren't in alignment


Those moments of feeling like you've got to force your team members to do something, take action, be accountable or stay consistent... those feelings are indicators that something is out of alignment.

When those indicators appear, you must:

  1. Clarify Expected Actions/Behaviors In Order To Achieve Desired Outcomes

  2. Match Their Core Strengths/Talents/Skill-Sets To The Business's Needs, Goals, Positions.

  3. Make Sure They Are Feeling Empowered To Be Your Brand's Co-Creators.

  4. Connect & Check-In With Them Privately. Build An Empathetic (Not Enabling) Relationship.

  5. Incorporate A Daily Debrief/Huddle Sheet To Reinforce Accountabilities.

When there is any confusion, any lack of clarity, a breakdown in communication, or a breach in relationship with your team member, FORCED energy & behaviors will appear almost immediately.

If you can navigate those areas quickly with the 5 strategies above, you can realign rather quickly. You simply must be AWARE of their energy, actions, and outcomes.

Turn the 'force' into POWER and chaos into Commitment.

You Got This!


Kimberly Rolandson

PS: Would you like us to send you our Debrief & Huddle Sheet? Email us directly at and put "Debrief & Huddle Sheet" in the subject line. We will send it right out to you!

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