During 90-Day Coaching Program, our average member increases their monthly income (service dollars and retail dollars) by 39-74%+!!! Your Growth Is GUARANTEED!

Your Results Will Far Surpass Your Investment... You Have Everything To Gain!

**A majority of our participants make back their entire 3-month investment within the first 45 days. All you have to do is show-up, commit to the process, and watch your numbers grow at exponential rates.**


This LIVE EDUCATION is facilitated through a conference call line. You can do the call from anywhere!!

3 Month Accountability Program


4 - 60 minute Accountability Calls Per Month

2 - 20 minute individual coaching calls per month

A private Facebook Group for 90-Day Coaching Participants Only


  • Higher Service Dollars


  • Higher Retail Sales


  • Higher Client Retention Rates


  • Higher Pre-Booking Percentages


  • Higher Productivity %'s


  • Increased Levels Of Confidence


  • A New Found Energy


  • An Incredible Support Network

Plus So Much More....

The 90-Day Coaching Program is designed around our Business Trifecta Model... Sales, Team and Leadership. It's A MODERN approach to Salon & Spa Business for today's marketplace. We coach you to become the best version of you, so you can create higher profits, more income, and have fun in the process.

We coach you to work smarter; not harder.

**In Order To Achieve Maximum Growth, Your Level Of Participation, Accountability, Commitment Is Critical To Your Success.**


Begins Monday, March 16, 2020 at 12pm CT

90-Day Coaching Program - 3 Monthly Payments

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  • *The Salon and Spa Institute has a no refund policy. Registrants will be issued a house credit to be used towards a future program up to one year.

  • $299/month for 3 months.  When placing your order you agree to pay all three monthly payments.