Herbal Tisane Sampler Box


100% Organic Handcrafted Tea To Support Your Well-Being 



12 Servings Each Of  Our 4 Exclusive Tea Blends-

  • Joy With Alignment
  • Abundance With Authenticity
  • Let Go To GROW
  • Alignment With Purpose

Tea Infuser

Tea Spoon


Tea Blend Descriptions - 


  1. Joy With Alignment

Rose--opens heart; compassion, healing, love; awareness of language, uplifting
Calendula--happiness, love, harmony
Lavender--spiritual connection; creates understanding
Yarrow--courage, love, healing
Ginger--love, stimulates and enhances, releases anger and frustration
Safflower--psychic development (for alignment), strengthens heart
Nutmeg--happiness, love, health


 2. Abundance With Authenticity

Peppermint--motivates and inspires, confidence, self-esteem, creativity for dreams

Lemon Balm--drawing out self; success

Ginger--love, stimulates and enhances other herbs

Rosemary--positive attitude, assists with concentration, releases pressure of spiritual path

Cinnamon--focus, action, success, prosperity, purification

Clove--protection, mental ability, purification, healingAllspice--focus on money, prosperity, energy, and luck


 3. Let Go to GROW

tulsi (holy basil)--moves stuck emotions, adaptogenic herb, tackles stress and inflammation, works on a deep level to help balance and harmonize your system

burdock--improves lymph flow, digestion, blood purifierwood betony--dispels negativity energy, promotes a grounded presence, long-term trauma recovery, nerve balancer

life everlasting (helichrysum stoechas)--full of antioxidant; promotes and strengthens spiritual and personal growth

astragalus--lymph scrub, immune boost, uplifting, balancingbirch bark--supreme healer, detoxifying, flushing, purifying, anti-inflammatory

ginger--moves stagnation, warming, intensifies other herbs


 4. Alignment With Purpose

Lemongrass--wards off distractions, clarity of purpose, sharpens focus

Chamomile--lets your guard down so the Universe can guide you

Holy Basil--balances chakras; restores electromagnetic balanceLavender--relaxes mind; quiets ego; spiritual understanding; assists meditation

Thyme--passion with purpose

Fennel--relax and focus on you; spiritual "pat on the back"


*Each of our 100% Organic Tea Blends do not contain caffeine, sugar, or added flavors


Sampler Box Has A Total Of 48 Servings




Herbal Tisane - Sampler Box

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