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Why You Should Join


1. A High-Results Formula That Is Guaranteed To Change Your Financials.
2. You’ll Be Guided Step-By-Step In Raising The Level Of Relationship With Your Entire Client List.
3. Receive Blueprints SPECIFIC To Your Business On How To Maximize Every Relationship.
4. Our Clients Are Seeing An Average Of A $1400-$2600+/Month Increase In Their Financials By Using Our LOR® Formula.
5. Increase Your Retention, Your Pre-Book, Your Retail, Your Service Dollars Naturally, Authentically, and Confidently.
6. Learn How To Seamlessly Reactivate Clients You May Have Let Slip Through The Cracks. (especially recovery from the COVID shutdowns and paradigm shifts in marketplace)
7. This Program Will SHIFT Your Business In The Most Profound Way.  Expect Historical Highs In Revenue.

This program will be facilitated through LIVE Virtual Sessions.  You will have access to a portal system to work through the program in an organized manner.  You will have a biweekly LIVE Session with weekly accountabilities.  All sessions are recorded and accessible in your portal system to assist you through your journey. 


Session Dates: 

February 23, 2023 @ 12pm CT

March 9, 2023         @ 12pm CT

March 23, 2023       @ 12pm CT

April 6, 2023             @12pm CT



Program Facilitator:  Kimberly Rolandson



Levels of Relationships Course (LORS)

SKU: LORS01102019
  • *The Salon and Spa Institute has a no refund policy. Registrants will be issued a house credit to be used towards a future program up to one year.

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