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Business Trifecta Program


personal development + business strategy  = THE MUST ATTEND CLASS!

Dates + Locations

March 6-7, 2022

March 27-28, 2022

April 10-11, 2022

May 22-23, 2022

Oklahoma City, OK

Parkersburg, WV

Spokane, WA

Red Wing, MN

The business class you need to attend

what to expect at btp

Day 1: - Mindset * Confidence * Leadership

  • You'll be given a proven formula to dramatically increase your service & retail dollars through your authentic brilliance.

  • You'll tap into the powerful leader inside of you that's been hiding.

  • You'll discover why you must BE YOU in order to have sustainable success.

  • You'll have greater understanding as to why you're feeling stuck and you'll learn how to propel yourself quickly.

  • You'll walk away from day 1 feeling more empowered, more inspired, and more clear so you can create the results you so badly desire.

Day 2: - It's All About Business & Formulating Your Best Winning Strategies

  • You'll learn to lead your organization from a mission, culture, and purpose driven mindset

  • You'll learn to increase your principle-based  profits for sustainability in the marketplace.

  • You'll discover why you must go from good to great NOW.

  • You'll dive deep into your numbers and discover immediate opportunities for growth.

  • You'll experience real-time application of new business strategies and see results happen right before your eyes.

Program Time

Sunday - 10am - 4pm

Monday -10am -4pm


*group/Team Rates Available.

Call our team concierges For Details.


to register: click on location of choice


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