Business Trifecta Program


Dates + Locations

JUNE 28-29, 2020

JULY 12-13, 2020

AUG 9-10, 2020

AUG 16-17, 2020

SEPT 13-14, 2020

SEPT 27-28, 2020

OCT 4-5, 2020

OCT 18-19, 2020

Sioux Falls, SD

Spokane, WA 

Reno, NV

Bloomington, MN

Nashville, TN

Wichita, KS

Madison, WI

Newport Beach, CA

The business class you need to attend

what to expect at btp

Day 1: - Mindset * Confidence * Leadership

  • You'll be given a proven formula to dramatically increase your service & retail dollars through your authentic brilliance.

  • You'll tap into the powerful leader inside of you that's been hiding.

  • You'll discover why you must BE YOU in order to have sustainable success.

  • You'll have greater understanding as to why you're feeling stuck and you'll learn how to propel yourself quickly.

  • You'll walk away from day 1 feeling more empowered, more inspired, and more clear so you can create the results you so badly desire.

Day 2: - It's All About Business & Formulating Your Best Winning Strategies

  • You'll learn to lead your organization from a mission, culture, and purpose driven mindset

  • You'll learn to increase your principle-based  profits for sustainability in the marketplace.

  • You'll discover why you must go from good to great NOW.

  • You'll dive deep into your numbers and discover immediate opportunities for growth.

  • You'll experience real-time application of new business strategies and see results happen right before your eyes.

Program Time

Sunday - 10am - 4pm

Monday -10am -4pm



(limited time)

*group/Team Rates Available.

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