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Our Team

Kimberly Rolandson - Owner/Founder

Kimberly Rolandson is the owner and founder of The SSI Agency and The Salon and Spa Institute. Rolandson is a highly sought after facilitator, trainer, speaker, and business coach. Kimberly has over 22 years of sales and leadership experience in leading Female Entrepreneurs in the beauty, wellness, nutrition, service-based & product based businesses, and fashion industries. 


She spent 8 years working with and under the wings of Blair Singer, Rich Dad Advisor, training to be a world-class speaker and facilitator. Kimberly was recognized as an Arizona Business Woman of The Year in 2007. She is engaging, entertaining, and enthusiastic, all while delivering strong results and demanding strong accountabilities. She will transform your business, your team, and your mindset to achieve maximum results in a minimum amount of time. Rolandson is a native of Washington State and has lived in Arizona for the past 19 years. She and her husband have two sons and one daughter​.

Kelli Karn - Director of Education/Project Manager

Kelli Karn is the Director of Education and Project Manager with The SSI Agency and The Salon and Spa Institute.


She has been in the Cosmetology industry for 21 years. She brings a wealth of knowledge to every individual and team she works with. Kelli has a background as an Educator of Students, Coach to licensed professionals, and maintains a position behind the chair. The future of this industry is very important to her, watching licensed professionals work together to collaborate and encourage reach other. Her passion and commitment to all professionals in the salon and spa industry is demonstrated daily in her outreach, coaching, and mentoring of each individual. She’s highly engaging, full of energy, and inspires those around her every single day to continue to be the best possible version of themselves.  Kelli is a native of North Dakota where she currently resides with her husband, beautiful daughter, handsome son, and 4 fur children.

Client Testimonials 

"As a stylist and salon owner, what SSI has done for me is really to teach me about the stories behind my numbers.  I never understood the importance of personal development until meeting Kimberly.  I truly believe in this industry that this is the secret sauce.  After years of attending SSI programs and hosting private team retreats for my team, I keep coming back for more!  As I coach my team, I now can look at their services and retail sales and draw correlations to what they might be experiencing personally that is holding them back from the greatness they deserve.  It starts there, and I'm forever grateful for Kimberly and SSI for showing me just how much myself, and all of us are capable of."

Evy Andra, Owner and Stylist of Bespoke Salon 

"SSI is a company that switches a person's mindset to feel empowered and gets you back to authentic truth.  I've been able to find the strength and courage necessary to make decisions in my life that I know are authentic for me and true for the way I was meant to live and be.  I was able to realize where I was coming short in my own life and how to take my power back."

Kayla Bartholomay, Owner and Stylist of Enlightened Beauty

"SSI has so many tools to help you grow personally.  They coach you on how to get through thoughts or feelings that are keeping you from reaching your personal and professional goals. I personally started by relationship with SSI 5 years ago.  The things I have learned through my relationship with SSI still carry with me to this day.  I was taught to go for what I want because I deserve it.  I was taught to speak up for myself.  I was also taught how to serve others better because I loved myself more.  The ripple effect of those things have flowed into my business and made me more successful. Just a few thoughts... I could write a book about SSI!"

Veronica Gittrich, Team Based Salon - Hairstylist 

"SSI is a dynamic, results oriented program tailored to the individual for the purpose of growth. The program is multifaceted, in depth, and thorough.  I would say SSI sheds light on the business owner as a person and the business. This education is rooted in love and void of fear.  It has created a space for the people in the salon and spa industry to thrive in.  SSI has effective unique techniques to set you up for success.  As a professional business owner, I have benefited by increasing my income, understanding client/professional relationships in depth, understanding what was lacking and how to serve greater, and I have created a shift in my mindset that allows for a business that's in alignment with me.  I see clearly my purpose in my business.  Truly a beautiful impressive purposeful platform of education,"

Paige Savage, Owner and Esthetician of Savage Skin Care

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