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The One-Day Intensive Program

A ONE-DAY Event That Will Accelerate Your Financial Growth


A -  Awaken Your Authentic-Self

W -  Wealthy Mindset Habits

A -   Accountability Systems 

R -   Revenue:  Measure & Multiply

E -   Energy, Engagement, And Execution.                   

A ONE-DAY Event That Will Accelerate Your Financial Growth Through:

  • Identifying Your Brand's Most Important Key Performance Indicators, How To Track Them, And How To Quickly Increase Them.

  • Matching Your Brand's Message To Your Ideal Clientele.

  • Learning WHY You Must Be Your Most Authentic Self In Order To Create Your Greatest Earning Potential.

  • Shifting From Old Ways Of Doing Business To Understanding What Your Marketplace Is Demanding From You As A Place To Do Business With.

  • Learning HOW To Be A Magnet In Your Marketplace.

  • Structuring Your Systems To Align With Your GOALS.

  • Discovering Immediate Revenue Opportunities Already Inside Of Your Current Business.

  • Growing A Team Of Co-Creators.  You Will Learn WHY Your Team Must Contribute To The Organization's Growth.

  • Learning To LEAD From A Place Of Empowerment Not Disempowerment.  

  • Plus So Much More.

This program has been specifically created for the Female Entrepreneur, CEO, and Business Leader.

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Burlington, VT

September 18, 2023

Wichita, KS

November 13, 2023

Grand Rapids, MI

October 23, 2023

Screen Shot 2023-02-15 at 12.58.14 PM.png


November 6, 2023

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