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When Team Commitment and
Brand Promises Align



Clean Space

The All-Inclusive Team Impact Retreat Includes:

  • luxurious accommodations

  • clean eating to support transformation process - personal chef on site

  • yoga

  • personal development with a strong emphasis on strategic business education 

  • all education materials

  • first class transportation to and from airport

  • *optional 3rd night celebration event for attendees (small additional fee)

  • plus more...

You Will Walk Away From
The Team Impact With:

  • A Proven Model To Command Immediate Shifts In Commitment To Brand.

  • Extreme Clarity On How You're Building Your Team.

  • A Knowingness On WHO You Want On Your Team And WHY.

  • A Step-by-Step Process On How To Increase Your Standards Of Excellence and Increase Peer-to-Peer Communication.

  • Strategies On Staying In Alignment With Brand Promises To The Marketplace That You Serve.

  • Systems To Eliminate Compromising Mindsets, Action, and Behaviors.

  • An Accountability System That Dramatically Reduces Compromise To Your Brand and The Mission of Your Organization.

  • Plus So Much More.

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 January 8-10, 2023 

Location:  San Diego,CA.

$1597 investment

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