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Do you often wonder what it would be like to be fully empowered, unconditionally supported without judgement, be led towards your greatest intended outcomes, and strategize to blow past self-imposed limitations?  


In the moments where you feel frustrated, stuck, pressed against the wall, like nothing is working, ready to give-up or wanting to strategize the brilliant idea you have but not sure how to move it forward... Whatever it is... Whenever it is... you can get in immediate touch with Kimberly.  She's coached, mentored, led thousands of individuals over the past 20 years to achieving outcomes far beyond their beliefs. 


Change Happens Now & You Can Have The Growth That Happens Now Too!


We've designed this Direct Access Pass for the Female Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Leader, and ALL those seeking GREAT outcomes. Whether you need a 10, 20, 30 or 60-minute call at a time, it's up to you how we schedule your time. You will receive extreme value for a minimal investment.
*Unlimited Access For 12 Weeks!!!
*You Will Have Direct Access To Kimberly Via Email, Phone, Or Text Messaging


*You Will Have A Personalized Plan To Achieve Your Goals


*Printable Worksheets, Assessments, and Supportive Documents  To Use Over and Over Again.


Finally move-past, work through, and create the outcomes you've been dreaming about.


*Need to break into payments, message directly to 

Direct Access Pass

SKU: DAP2023
  • *The Salon and Spa Institute has a no refund policy. Registrants will be issued a house credit to be used towards a future program up to one year.

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