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sales down? in a slump?

your numbers tell you what's working and what's not working; it's that simple. dig in to them.

Have you checked your...

1.  ENERGY~ Where's your ENERGY these days? Up or Down? Your energy will predict your sales...always. Your energy will set the stage for the day. So, if you walk into your salon or spa with low energy, it will impact your team, your clients, and ultimately your sales. 

2.  ATTITUDE~ What's your ATTITUDE like? If you're frustrated and finding yourself operating primarily from the negative mindset (fear), your outcomes will be negative as well. You've got to intentionally look for the lesson & blessin' in every situation in order to progress forward. 

3. ENGAGEMENT~ What's your Level of ENGAGEMENT ? In other words, are you engaged in the process? Are you excited about the mission, message, and vision of your organization? If you're finding yourself dreading going into work or feeling defeated, you've got to call a time-out so you can gain clarity around why you've dis-engaged from the process.

These factors have more impact on your numbers than any business strategy or sales formula ever will. It's the lack of enthusiasm, excitement, and energy that will crush the way you Serve Your Clients...

there's simply not a business strategy around that will shift your numbers the way YOUR BEING-NESS will shift your numbers.

~Kimberly 💜

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