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What Happens To YOU, Has No Impact On Your Personal VALUE!

It feels so draining, exhausting, frustrating… A buzz-kill like no other when you’ve put so much work into something or someone, only to have it come back and feel like a slap in your face, a punch in your gut, or like you’ve been knocked down at your knees.

You know that feeling, when you’ve put your heart and soul into something or someone… The hard work, the trust, the opportunity, the patience, the time, the energy, the support you’ve given and it feels like it all got turned-around, upside down, sideways, twisted, corrupted, devalued and came careening back to you at warp speed without warning… Yeah, that feeling! It hurts deeply, doesn’t it?

Then, you find yourself questioning what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, how you’re doing it. Your Mission/Purpose suddenly comes into question, you question your very own value or existence, your impact on the world, and your ability to make a difference.

It’s an emotional roller coaster… And every turn, loop, hill, and drop triggers a different emotion.

While it’s so important to honor your feelings and your emotions… You can’t allow yourself to get caught-up in them, paralyzed by the fears they trigger, lose sight of your goals, or fall off your path of purpose and mission. 

I so badly desire for you to know this… 

  • What happens to YOU, has no impact on your Personal VALUE.

  • Your VALUE isn’t based on someone’s bad day, someone’s opinion of you, or someone’s perception of you.

  • Your VALUE isn’t determined by outcomes, set-backs, mistakes, or perceived failures.

  • Your VALUE isn’t defined by what other’s project towards you.

  • Your VALUE isn’t a day-to-day rate change in the marketplace.

  • Your VALUE isn’t a compilation of the past.

  • Your VALUE isn’t a mirror of your bank account.

  • Your VALUE isn’t open for debate.

Your VALUE is YOU. Your beautiful, unique, special, talented, and carefully created YOU.

Your VALUE is precious and priceless.

When you’re feeling like you’ve been cornered, let down, deceived, betrayed, judged, ignored, used, or you’re feeling unworthy, depressed, annihilated, singled-out, or just flat out hurt…

You must go inside of yourself. You must get quiet. You must get connected to the greater power within you.  Connect to your SOURCE

It’s where you find your Authentic Power, your Confidence, your Purpose, Passion, and Mission.

It’s where you find your Light, your higher frequency of vibration, and your energy. It’s where you’ll re-discover your inner joy, peace, happiness, and unconditional love.

There’s NOTHING EXTERNAL, nothing outside of you that can change your VALUE… It’s ALL Inside of You.  It’s ALREADY Inside of You!

You’re Worthy, You’re Highly Valued, You’re Greatly LOVED!

~Kimberly 💜

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