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Are You Limiting Yourself With Other People's Limiting Beliefs?

Do you find yourself shrinking your goals, desires, and dreams based upon the people you surround yourself with?

This morning I had a great conversation with a client who knows she wants more, is made for more, and is going to do what it takes to elevate her outcomes.

I absolutely love and adore her curiosity, her tenacity, her gentle yet bold spirit, her inquisitive nature, her energy, and her extreme commitment towards an abundant life for herself and her beautiful family.

What began as a standard onboarding session for our Female Business Collective program... it turned into an hour long (felt like 5 minutes)... soul-filled chat.

I was asking about her overall goals, her professional key performance indicator goals, her personal goals including self & family, and her longer-term goals. She so brilliantly 'lit-up' when she spoke...

One of the first things she said was, she wanted to surround herself with more like-minded individuals who are working towards the same size of goals that she is or are already surpassing goals that she most desires & dreams of. She has a KNOWINGNESS that she is built for an abundant life & is made for more.

She has a desire to surround herself with others who are BEING, DOING, and HAVING outcomes that are similar to the size of game she wants to play in life.

She will no longer allow herself to play small, shrink herself for other's comfort, or quit on her most beautiful life's purpose.

I told her she just joined the perfect collective group of female entrepreneurs and leaders who are doing exactly that.

As I was describing our current Female Business Collective group to her... the qualities became crystal clear about who our members are, what they seek, what motivates them, and what keeps them on a life-long journey of personal & professional development...

These Female Entrepreneurs and Leaders:

  • Don't buy into fear-based thoughts hurled towards them; they have armored up with their clear mission, purpose, and vision.

  • Don't operate with a scarcity-based mindset; they intentionally work towards an abundance-based mindset.

  • Don't believe in 'downward-trends' that their 'industry' says or warns of; they SET their own trends that align with their goals.

  • Don't shrink their goals to make others happy or comfortable; they expand the size of their goals to align with their intended outcomes.

  • Don't back-down from pressure; they lean into pressure because they understand that the 'right-kind' of pressure is what increases their capacity for desired growth.

  • Don't fear investing in themselves; they know if they don't invest in themselves they won't reach their abundant goals.

  • Don't increase their income for just themselves; they know if they create more financial outcomes they will be able to serve more people.

  • Don't use limiting vocabulary; they speak with abundant based vocabulary.

  • Don't allow small-minded gossip in their circle; they hold-space for others to learn, grow, and feel inspired.

  • Don't reach for external vices (alcohol, drugs, excess toxic foods) to have a temporary 'fix'; they reach deep within themselves to find the essence of their true authentic-self which is limitless.

Can you relate to her desires? To no longer shrink yourself, to no longer settle for other people's comfort level, to no longer buy-in to the false fear-based propaganda being sold to you, to no longer put your dreams on the back-burner, and to no longer allow small-mindedness to jeopardize your future.

If that's you, I applaud you in your desire to live more authentically, to live more abundantly, and to live more purposefully... I celebrate you for being courageous, curious, and confident enough to know that your GREATEST life is simply on the other side of fear-based limitations.

And if that still sounds like you, clearly aligns with your vision, and connects to your soul... I would love for you to join us and our brilliant group of Female Entrepreneurs & Leaders in our Female Business Collective

To Your Most Abundant Life!


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