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Playground Of Life

The Limitless Life Intended For Us All

As I write to you this week, I am 35,000 feet up in the air on my way to one of my beautiful, forward-thinking, industry changing Salon Teams. I can’t wait! They Are Playing A Limitless Game.

Every single flight, I do the same thing… I sit here for a moment, looking out the window, looking at the playground in life, the arena to show-up in, the limitless opportunities to live more on purpose and more in truth. I get excited about the limitless life intended for us all.

I’ve had a full week of Trainings, Live Events, Individual Coaching sessions, and Mentoring hours. By no mistake, an absolute majority of this week’s conversations have been incredibly similar. I am not a believer in coincidence… I am clear on divine timing.

I believe this message is necessary right now, today.

(Which Is Exactly Why I Wanted To Share This With You. You Might Have Had The Same Thoughts… My Guess Is If You’re Part Of Our SSI Community, You Must Have.)

Every conversation this week has been about…The DESIRE TO LIVE LIFE BIGGER, LIVE GREATER, LIVE WITH MORE INTENTION.

The conversations have been so clear on the readiness to Serve Greater, Live More Intently, and Many Souls Are Having New Levels of Conscious Awareness that has created an internal FIRE much stronger than before. Can you relate? It’s the burning desire inside that’s so strong that you know what to do, but you’re stuck on moving ahead.

So, here’s a small snippet, a checklist of what we discussed, in order to make it happen…NOW.

You Must:

  • Let Go Of The Need To Ask Permission To Be You

  • Embrace Your Authenticity, Flaws And All

  • Be In Charge Of Your Own Life

  • Share Your Strengths, Talents, Gift With Others

  • Never Ever Allow Someone’s Opinion Of You Stop You In Your Tracks

  • Be Relentless, Passionate, Take Massive Action

  • Serve Greater Than Ever Before And For The Greater Good Of All

  • Love Yourself And Others At A Capacity That Is Beyond Measure

  • Get Back To Your Divine Truth And Your Beautiful Essence

  • Be The Beacon Of Light When Darkness Shows-Up

The more you authentically show-up as YOU and the less you apologize for your TRUE DIVINE Essence…the more ALIGNED Life becomes.

It’s Your Time. Yes, Now Is Your Time. There’s No Time To Waste. It’s Time To Stand In Your Power. Go For It… The World Is Waiting On The Special Gift Of YOU.

You’re meant to live in Authentic Abundance, You’re Meant To Be The Beautiful You That You Already Are, Without Hesitation and Without Apology.

Share with me what’s been going on for you…. Tell Me About Your Purpose and How You’re Intentionally Living Life In A Greater Consciousness, Capacity, and Conviction.

To A Brilliant You, A Magical Week, And An Abundant Future!

~Kimberly 💜🥂

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