Winning In Business Without Losing Yourself

  Goal + Soul 

Our Set of Standards

We, As A Team, At SSI, Commit To Excellence By:

  1. Operating with integrity in all that we do and never compromising our values, our ethics, or our morals.

  2. Achieving personal mastery in our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial health.

  3. Honoring all of our relationships through reciprocity.

  4. Completing all commitments on time.

  5. Respecting everyone regardless of beliefs, values, or opinions.

  6. Acknowledging our wins and celebrating often.

  7. Serving our team, our clients, our community and beyond with a compassionate mindset.

  8. Always creating win-win opportunities for all those we serve.

  9. BE-ing, DO-ing, HAVE-ing everything with and through a context of LOVE.

Our Purpose

It's our commitment to serve you greatly by honoring your natural strengths and talents, to provide you excellence in service in all that we do, and to encourage your personal mastery without compromising your authenticity. We believe in the highest levels of integrity, trust and respect. We are SSI and we are here for you.

Our Services
  • Private Mentoring

  • Private & Group Coaching

  • Live Education Events

  • Private Team Retreats​

  • Personal Development & Business Retreats​

  • Culture Development​

  • Numbers/Tracking​

  • ​Retail Growth

  • ​Marketing Strategies

  • Accountability Programs