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Are Your Team Members Co-Creators or Co-Dependents?

Updated: May 6, 2022

Co-Creator: A Team Member That Is Committed To The Mission of The Organization While Confidently And Strategically Contributing To The Expansion Of The Brand Into The Marketplace. All Actions, Mindsets, and Talents Are In Alignment With The Brand's Needs And Promises.

Does this sound like your team members? Or, does this sound like the team members you desire?

Three Effective & Easy-to-Implement Ways To Turn Your Co-Dependent Team Members Into

Co-Creators Of Your Brand.

  1. Clarify The Brand's Needs, Identify Their CORE Strengths, And Align The Two.

  2. Empower Your Team Members Through Personal & Professional Development To Co-Create Consistently & Strategically AND Trust Them To Do What You Hired Them To Do.

  3. Develop Accountability Systems To Drive Intended, Brand Specific Outcomes.

When you Align Talents to Brand's Needs, Trust Who You Hired (otherwise, why did you hire them?), and Drive Accountability... You Will Have A Team Co-Creating The Brand With You!!!!

As a LEADER and CEO, you must curate a team that takes the brand's goals to the finish line. You can't SCALE by yourself.

Want to chat live on this? Let's have a high-energy, fun-filled, and results-driven conversation on curating a Co-Creating Team.

There's no charge for this LIVE ZOOM event and I promise to deliver an impactful 30 minutes to you, your brand, and your future.

Monday, May 16, 2022 - 10AM CT

Click Below To Register:

"See" You Soon!


Kimberly Rolandson


The SSI Agency

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