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Hanging On Too Long Will Cause You To Lose Your Grip

The Grip On Your Culture, Your Brand, Your Team, Your Clientele, and Your Overall Mission...

Have you ever had that gut feeling, that visceral response, or that intuitive nudge? Where you knew better, you knew what you needed to do, but you kept holding on? Why?

Were you afraid of causing upset, disrupting the status quo, or hurting other's feelings EVEN though you knew your MISSION was being compromised?

When a Team Member is no longer in Alignment with your Standards, your Brand Promises, your Core Values, or your overall Mission you've got to decipher whether or not they are a WILLING Co-Creator on the Team or an UNWILLING Participant distracting the Team.

One of my favorite processes is running an ASSET/LIABILITY sheet to help you identify how your team member is ADDING Value to the organization or how they are COSTING the organization.

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(*if you experience trouble downloading the PDF file, please email )

First, on the ASSETS side, write down all the ways that person ADDS value to your organization.


  1. They've worked here for 5 years

  2. Their clients love them

  3. They are nice

  4. They are usually pretty busy

  5. They seem to want to grow.

Then, on the LIABILITIES side, write down all the ways that person is COSTING your organization.


  1. They are usually running 5-10 minutes late to work

  2. They mostly have a negative mindset

  3. They talk badly about other team members

  4. They aren't charging what they should be charging clients

  5. They call in sick too often

Once you have the ASSETS/LIABILITIES filled out... Then you've got to look at the list carefully.

Ask yourself:

  1. Do the ASSETS/LIABILITIES cancel each other out?

  2. Is One Side Weighing The Other One Down?

  3. Are The Assets Adding GROWTH Value or Stuck In Stagnation?

  4. Are the Liabilities Coachable?

  5. Are the Liabilities a Character Issue or Skill-Set Disconnect?

This process allows for you to gain clarity on FACTS and step away from EMOTIONAL thinking.

(This is NOT about being heartless, cold, uncaring, or lacking empathy.)

This process has you asking yourself:

Is my Team Member A WILLING COACHABLE CO-CREATOR of the brand who needs some training, leadership, mentoring, or support.


Is my TEAM MEMBER no longer is alignment with the BRAND's message to the marketplace and has become a liability to the Team, Culture, Clientele, and Mission?

If your team member is Coachable, COACH them before they become a greater liability.

If your team member is UNCOACHABLE, don't hang on too long because YOU WILL LOSE YOUR GRIP on the Health of your Organization.

From One Female Business Owner To Another, I know how hard you've worked, how many sleepless nights you've had, how many tears you've shed, and how many countless hours you've dedicated to your beautiful Mission.

Hard decisions become easier to make once you become crystal clear on your WHY!

Final thought: "Coach Them Up or Coach Them Out." I know this for a fact, when it's not right for you or your Mission, it's not right for them. A relationship is two-sided always.

Cheers To Your Continued GROWTH!


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