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When My Client Challenged Me Into Questioning Myself

A few weeks ago, during a book club mastermind session, a client asked me what I struggled with most. For some reason, I found myself tongue-tied, at a loss for words, and racking my brain for an answer.

I instantly felt WRONG for not being able to have an answer at the tip of my tongue. It was an incredibly 'weird' moment I found myself in. Wrong that I didn't have an instant list of struggles to rattle off and wrong for feeling at a loss in that moment.

Trust me, I am NOT in anyway saying I do not have struggles. That would be a state-of-denial, delusional, or down right dangerous to my life's journey of growth.

Throughout the course of the last few weeks, I have replayed that conversation in my head numerous times. Questioning myself over and over again as to why I couldn't find my answer.

Until my morning walk today...

It finally hit me, I wasn't delusional or in denial... I simply NO LONGER ALLOW MYSELF TO DWELL when challenges, struggles, or negative situations arise. I quickly flip my internal script, re-strategize, get in forward action, and drive the outcomes I desire.

For the last 20 years I have dug deep into my own personal development and personal growth, with a heavy focus on the studies in neurobiology, human behaviors, interpersonal behaviors, patterns of success & patterns of failures, the power of the mind, and so much more.

One of the most consistent message in all of my studies is also what most of us have heard or have read somewhere along the way... is that ''YOUR THOUGHTS PREDICT YOUR OUTCOMES" or "YOUR THOUGHTS ARE YOUR REALITY".

Here's an interesting fact:

80% of our thoughts are negative

95% of our 80% negative thoughts are repeated day after day after day.

So, if we are more AWARE of our thoughts, we can intentionally FLIP OUR INTERNAL SCRIPT. And in time, we are rewiring our dominant, habitual, pervasive thoughts into more POSITIVE thoughts that help us progress forward, not hold us hostage in "the struggle".

I can clearly state my answer:

I, like anyone else, have struggles. I have worked incredibly hard on myself to not DWELL in my struggles. I redirect my energy quickly by flipping my script and intentionally taking massive action.

And to my beautiful client who challenged me into questioning myself, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for keeping me accountable to my never-ending personal growth journey, to my Mission, and to ALL my clients that I am honored to serve.

With Massive Love,

Kimberly Rolandson


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